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About this journal
I use this journal mainly for photo entries [my day(s) shown in photos] and anything Gackt related; such as CDs, screen caps, merchandise photos, information, news, etc.

All entries will be public. Anything I want to be private will be posted elsewhere.

Feel free to friend me; you don't have to ask or anything first. But commenting and saying hi or whatever would be cool.

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Because sometimes I have news haha

Gackt [and others] will be voice acting in one of Disney's works! )

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You don't have to ask for them or tell me you took them; I just have codes I don't need/want and figure SOMEONE will come across this. I'm posting it here because one or two may be used and I'm not sure which, so just try it to see if it works or not. You can take as many as you want. I can't promise they'll be available for long; it's first come first serve.

If you DO want to comment and say what you've taken that'd be nice, if just for other people. :)




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Here are the screen caps I've been mentioning, plus the ones I just took.

I may eventually post these to JRR if I can find an appropriate thread for them... Feel free to use these for whatever or post them other places.

There are just over 60 images total.

Gackt - Mr. Brain + extras )

Gackt - Music Station + extraas )

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